Company Values

Openness and Honesty

We value the ability to be able to communicate with our clients with openness and honesty, to say what we really think. This allows us better serve the interest of our clients, thereby capturing the real needs of our customers, allowing us to implement real world solutions that address those needs.


We take the initiative, make decisions, and own our commitments.


In our relationships with our customers, confidence is paramount. Its a fact- our word is our bond.

Passion and Enthusiasm

Each project is a challenge we take on, face, and successfully complete with the greatest zeal possible.

Company Mission

Our mission is to be the leading provider of custom software development and systems integration solutions for medium and large companies in both the local Chilean and broader South American markets. That is why we believe in the growth and experience of each of the staff members of our company. This is why we believe in the quality and continuous improvement of our our intellectual property, the proprietary libraries of our source code, which when reused, guarantee the stability of future solutions and transfer a lower cost to our customers.